Drawn into the shadows

Walking the labyrinthine streets of the medina in Fez, I am surrounded by thick, high walls, unadorned save for their rich patina and color.

Maze-like, the narrow lanes seem to confound at every turn, until at last I reach a solidly imposing wooden door.

Beyond, I step into the spacious courtyard of a traditional Moroccan riad, its every surface a celebration of intricate mosaic tilework and architectural filigree.

I think of all the history this place has witnessed, all the untold hours of painstaking craftsmanship that have gone into its creation.

And I wonder what stories have been handed down here, from generation to generation. Momentarily lost in reverie, I return to my senses, revived by a proffered cup of freshly brewed mint tea.

Slanting rays of light bring the geometric space to life, transforming the very air into a sculpture of light and shadow.

As I frame each scene, I can see it change before my eyes.

Chasing the light as it fades in the distance of a dark corridor, I know that the rich X3F data of the Sigma DP2 Merrill’s RAW format will let me recapture the textured detail of its shadows.

A view of the old medina in Fes (above), with the central portion of the upper image shown at full resolution below. The level of detail captured by the Sigma DP2 Merrill’s DP lens is truly amazing — you can even see the satellite dish antennas that sprout from nearly every rooftop.

A dizzying variety of patterns adorns nearly every surface, yet the effect is oddly harmonious and soothing.

  • Chapter: 01 - Drawn into the shadows
  • Chapter: 02 - A labyrinth of color
  • Chapter: 03 - A miracle of symmetry
  • Chapter: 04 - A rich tapestry of life


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