Dedicated new DP lens optimized for the new-generation sensor.

A world of beauty awaits.

We designed our new ‘standard’ lens to render the visible world as sharply, clearly and vividly as possible. Its resolving power is simply overwhelming.

Perfect pair : Next-generation sensor and newly developed high-performance DP lens

The Sigma DP Series single-handedly triggered today’s trend of high-end, fixed-lens digital compact cameras.

With Sigma's half century of lens making experience and expertise, the DP Series could offer specially developed lenses that won the acclaim of photography enthusiasts.

For the DP2 Merrill, we designed a new dedicated lens that is perfectly matched to the new-generation Foveon X3 Direct Image sensor with its larger APS-C area (equivalent to 50% greater focal length).

The "standard" focal length (equivalent to a 45mm lens on a 35mm SLR) of this lens gives a perspective that closely approximates the characteristics of the human eye.

Developed to maximize the "pure image quality" of the full color capture system, this new lens renders scenes with astounding naturalness and clarity.


A lens that delivers profoundly natural images

Advanced optical architecture and precision manufacturing combined in a lens designed to faithfully deliver light information to the sensor unsullied by aberration.


The lens on the Sigma DP2 Merrill creates consistently crisp, high-contrast images with accurately rendered ultra-fine detail. Outstanding image surface characteristics provide excellent sharpness in the plane of focus while gently transitioning to beautiful bokeh in other areas.


The best lens. The best sensor. Hallmarks of Sigma, the lens expert.

The best lens and the best sensor. These are the pillars that support Sigma's photographic philosophy in action. After all, designing and manufacturing lenses is at the core of what we do best.

This new DP lens achieves excellence in every parameter of performance, from its MTF curves to distortion and bokeh. It is truly a pinnacle of the lens maker’s art.


fig. Lens construction

fig. MTF chart

To maximize image quality while minimizing lens barrel length, Sigma combined one glass molded aspherical element with three high-refraction glass elements. The result is a short lens with flat MTF curves, exhibiting virtually ideal optical characteristics in a “standard” focal length.


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