7 TECHNOLOGIES:TRUE II Sigma's Image Processing Engine is Now Even More Powerful.

The brand-new “TRUE II” image-processing engine

The DP1 offers a specially-designed image-processing engine called the “TRUE”. For the DP2, we developed this key technology further, creating the “TRUEII”. Applying our exhaustive knowledge of the image-creation mechanism of the direct image sensor, we used a proprietary algorithm to do full justice to its uniquely sophisticated 3-D rendering power, successfully optimizing both the image-processing time and the in-camera image processing itself.

Having focused our efforts on optimizing and recording the pure, rich signal captured by the sensor, we were determined that the DP2 would be the only camera fully able to deliver the optimal image quality we had pursued throughout our development of SLRs. The rich optical signal captured by the groundbreaking direct image sensor needed to be translated into an information-rich image. We entrusted that crucial task to our new, improved “TRUE II”.

Enhanced image processing quality and speed

Leveraging the strengths of the direct image sensor, TRUE II does full justice to its uniquely sophisticated 3D rendering power, optimizing both in-camera image processing quality and speed. Also enhancing color reproduction and dynamic range, TRUE II, significantly contributing to the quality of the images produced within the camera. Further, noise that can tend to occur at higher sensitivities is suppressed by a new proprietary algorithm, with resolution maintained at the highest possible level.

And automatic exposure, focus and white balance functionality are strengthened, enhancing the camera's overall performance.

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