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Photo-finishing software designed make you and your works shine

The DP2 has an X3F mode (RAW file format) in which all the image data captured by the sensor can be recorded without any significant deterioration in camera performance. If you want to do your own hands-on photo-finishing, then for best results, we recommend Sigma Photo Pro, the image-processing software designed exclusively for these X3F files.You may think that “RAW data processing” sounds like something intimidatingly technical, requiring high levels of knowledge and skill.

If so, just try Sigma Photo Pro for yourself, and you'll soon find out how easy it really can be. Sigma Photo Pro focuses on only those functions you really need for artistic photo-finishing. Its interface is one of the most user-friendly and intuitive of the many RAW data-processing software packages on the market, so even if you're a beginner, you'll find it simple to turn your images into finished photos. Images can be customized using just seven parameters -- exposure, contrast, shadows, highlights, color saturation, sharpness and X3 Fill Light -- all provided in the Adjustment Controls Palette, plus the Color Wheel for adjusting the colors. Simply adjust these parameters and watch the image change in real time. That's all it takes to recreate the ideal photo you had in your mind's eye as you pressed the shutter.

Sigma Photo Pro has evolved with the DP series

Images can be customized using the Color Wheel and just seven parameters provided in the Adjustment Controls Palette: exposure, contrast, shadows, highlights, color saturation, sharpness and X3 Fill Light. And to take full advantage of the advanced functionality of the DP2, Sigma Photo Pro adds additional color modes allowing you to select portrait, landscape, vivid and etc for each shooting situation.

Further, with RAW data, the mode can be changed even after the shot is taken. With slideshows and the capability to work with multiple process windows simultaneously, the software's functionality is significantly enhanced for more efficient, smoother workflows. And you can now print X3F files directly, for enhanced connectivity. With new Sigma Photo Pro, you can easily explore photo processing for that one shot that only you could have created.

You can download the Sigma Photo Pro.

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