7 TECHNOLOGIES:DESIGN POLICY A Tool That Taps Into the Sheer Joy of Photography

A truly intuitive user interface

The business of taking photos boils down to the skill of the photographer. The photograph is the canvas for the photographer's individual self-expression. Sigma creates equipment for delving into the essence of photography. Sigma's design policy is to empower the photographer to concentrate on the core task: taking pictures. Our top priority is to deliver the functionality and reliability this requires. That's way in adding extra features, we've been generous to a fault.

The rather simple user interface we gave the DP1 has been refined for the DP2, making it even easier to shoot pictures just the way you want. Because it's a lightweight compact, we've focused on making it a more complete photographic tool that you can carry around with you every day.

A stylish new outlet for your inner artist

With its intuitive controls, and its increased portability and toughness, the DP2 is made to be taken with you anytime, wherever you go. Simple yet distinctive, its compact body will draw admiring glances. Packed into a neatly pocket-sized package, it has a capacity to deliver uncannily high image quality that is bound to amaze. Doing away with the old DSLR-versus-compact distinction that cramped photographers' style more than they ever knew, the DP2 offers more artistic freedom, and new horizons in photographic expression, making the finest in photography far more accessible than ever before.



This set consists of a lens hood to block out extraneous light, plus a hood adapter, designed to fit a 46mm filter or a macro lens.


This compact optical viewfinder mounts on the camera's hot shoe. It comes with frame equivalent to 41mm on a 35mm SLR.


This compact external flashgun was created exclusively for the DP series. With a guide number 2.4 times the camera's built-in flash, it extends your shooting range.

AML-1 Close-up Lens

Mount this lens on the optional Hood Adapter HA-21 for easy close-up photography. The exclusive design delivers outstanding image quality from the center of the screen right to the edges.

HC-11 Hard Case

This dedicated hard case is specifically designed to protect the DP2 from damage. Made from high-quality black leather which gains in distinction as it wears, the case can be removed even with the camera strap is attached.

SIGMA DP2 Special Contents

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