PHILOSOPHY The world's first full-spec compact digital cameras, the DP series is the natural extension of Sigma principles

Sigma DP: The world's new favorite camera series

“An amazing little camera”. That's what people have been calling the DP1, ever since its arrival. The DP1 was the first in our new DP series of full-spec compact digital cameras that - uniquely and groundbreakingly - pack the essence of an SLR into the body of a compact. From its modest and understated appearance you'd never guess this camera could deliver such ultra-high image quality. No wonder everyone who's used it has been dazzled by this amazing little camera.

Thanks to Sigma's proprietary three-layered the Foveon X3® direct image sensor, the images created by the DP1 have a unique 3-D look, along with the kind of clarity and sharpness you'd expect of a digital DSLR, something you might create with a much bigger camera. No wonder amateur photographers and experts all over the world have fallen in love with it.

Despite being small enough to carry anywhere, the DP1 delivers picture quality easily high enough to print beautifully in large sizes. It's created a new category - the full-spec compact camera - and opened up new horizons for many amateur photographers. This is what makes Sigma happy. But after all, it's just a natural result of sticking with our photographic convictions.

Ordinary life. That's where you get extraordinary photos.

SLRs and other high-performance cameras tend to be used as tools for specific jobs. An expensive, large-format camera tends to be brought out for a clear-cut purpose: a family celebration, a trip, a special event. Those shots are fun to take, and certainly pack an emotional punch. But if you had to choose your own best-ever picture, would it be one you took on a special occasion? We're guessing it wouldn't.

That glimpse of unexpected beauty on your daily commute, early in the morning or late in the evening. The subtlety of human drama encountered on a street corner. The dewy petal of a nameless roadside flower. As anyone who loves photography could tell you, those crucial moments can't be contrived. There's only one place you find them: the often overlooked corners of ordinary life.

The camera that grants independence to the individual

Every photographer wants to capture the emotion of that crucial moment, and turn it into a fantastic shot. The only cameras designed to do just that, by combining the technology for serious photographic expression with highly-portable compactness, belong to Sigma's DP series. Meshing neatly with your personal lifestyle and your inner life, the DP2 is designed to take you deeper into a whole new world of photographic expression.

Sigma knows that your photos express your most deeply personal sensory experience. Your mental landscape. That's exactly why we want our cameras to give you more independence, and more scope for creativity. Following our deepest convictions, we set out to design a camera offering more creative options for photographic expression.

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