DP2 CONCEPT The integral lens and enhanced use interface privilege the autonomy of the individual artist. The DP2: highly functional photographic instrument.

The digital camera of anyone's dreams

Implementing a large sensor presented all sorts of problems: the cost of the sensor, the difficulty of designing the lens, the high processing capacity required for the image-processing engine, enlarging the circuit board, increasing the memory capacity, and so on. Until these problems could be overcome, it was generally accepted that DSLRs used large sensors, and compacts used small ones. Eventually, these problems were effectively solved, allowing sensors to be made smaller. However, this involved a trade-off: reduced image quality.

From then on, amateur photographers dreamed of a compact digital camera with an SLR-sized image sensor. A camera small and light enough to carry around everywhere, yet offering the technology for serious photography. Those dreams have come true with Sigma’s DP series.

The DP series: a new lineage

The DP2's integral standard lens is brand-new and purpose-designed, with a focal length equivalent to 41mm in a 35mm camera. We wanted to allow photographic effects beyond the scope of the focal length of the wide-angle lens of the DP1, which is equivalent to 28mm in a 35mm camera. So we gave the DP2 a standard-range focal length more suitable for snapshots and portraits.

Still, we also wanted the DP2 to deliver the unique 3-D feel and texture that made the DP1 so special. We gave it the kind of MTF and all-round lens performance only possible with single-index models. When it comes to the textural feel of the images, when focal length and F-numbers make all the difference, we've made sure that the DP2 is right up there with the DP1.

Meanwhile, we've tweaked the DP2's user interface, making it even easier to shoot pictures just the way you want. While respecting your autonomy as an artist, we've built in all the photographic functions you need. Since the DP2 is a lightweight compact, we want you to carry it around every day. That's why we've made it a more complete photographic tool.

The camera that turns ordinary into awesome.

The DP1's wide-angle lens is good with perspective,—geared towards dynamic shots of scenery, buildings, celebrations. The standard lens built into the DP2, on the other hand, has a narrower field angle, giving a stronger effect, making the subject stand out. In other words, we've given it the ability to create the photo that you, and only you, can see in your mind's eye. Naturally, this is great for portraits. And for capturing the elusive beauty of ordinary, everyday subjects, this standard lens is ideal.

Its focal length is longer than the DP1's lens. So, at low F-numbers (larger apertures), you can create amazing pictures by deliberately blurring the background. This makes the subject stand out sharply, in a compelling, almost mystical way. In this sense, you could say the DP2 turns ordinary into awesome.

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