Artistically ‘develop’ your photos with Sigma’s creative software.

Realize your vision.

Now you can give your creativity free rein. Pressing the shutter release is just the beginning. In the digital darkroom you fully realize your vision. This is where photographic expression reaches its apogee.

x3f RAW image format files are your digital negatives

A photograph starts with pressing the shutter and ends with manipulating the image to reproduce what you saw.

You work with the full dynamic range, broad color spectrum and delicate gradations of shadow and light contained in the photo data file. This rich palette lets you finish the photo as you like.

We encourage you to take advantage of the x3f RAW format because it preserves the complete original image information gathered by Sigma's X3 full color capture system technology.

More convenient and flexible than ever: SIGMA Photo Pro

SIGMA Photo Pro software is designed for the creative photographer who wishes to personally control the image finishing process.

It allows you to "develop" the image data you shot in RAW mode. Ever since we made our first digital camera, we have continued to refine our RAW data processing technology.

The result, we believe, is the finest digital darkroom software available today. It has precisely the functions you really need — no more, no less. Even if you are new to RAW file formats, the intuitive interface makes it easy to use.

To bring out the full potential of the 46MP image data captured by the new-generation Foveon X3 Direct Image Sensor, a new transverse aberration correction function has been added. Processing speed has also been accelerated for operational convenience.

For image correction, the Adjustment Controls Palette offers seven parameters: exposure, contrast, shadows, highlights, color saturation, sharpness, and the X3 Fill Light feature.

Together with the highlight correction, noise reduction, transverse aberration correction and other parameters, these versatile tools let you craft original masterpieces of photographic art.


SIGMA Photo Pro processing examples


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