A Timeless Song

Off in the distance, I saw some low buildings — could it be a town? I turned off the road to ask directions. But the town was soundless and empty, its inhabitants long gone. Only a rusting automobile waited to greet me. Pointing the lens of my Sigma DP1 Merrill at it, I captured the light of its timeless song in a final tribute to its long journey.

As I reflect on my own journey, I realize how often we overlook the beauty around us. Even land that at first appears parched and lifeless can be rich in beauty that nourishes those who live on it. If we pay attention, the passage of time is like an artist’s brush, painting each moment in new colors. With each image the Sigma DP1 Merrill captures, I understand more fully what “beauty” really means.

I wonder how long this sign has withstood the test of time — the forces of wind and rain. With the Sigma DP1 Merrill’s full-color sensor, I capture every detail of color and texture in a richly orchestrated symphony of light.

A Chrysler from the 1940s sits quietly rusting. Once a symbol of American plenty, viewed at a distance it now appears to be little more than a pile of scrap metal. As I move in and frame it more tightly, though, its appearance is transformed.

An old Texaco sign seems to call out to me, its vivid red color still piercingly bright. Scarred by the passage of time, it now conveys a different kind of message — a powerfully moving message of art.

Horseshoes frame a doorway, reflecting the town’s origins in horse-and-buggy days. Even now, I can almost hear the sound of their rise and fall as the horses that wore them came to town.

Shaniko, Oregon
Shaniko was built in 1900 as a terminus for the Columbia Southern Railroad, and became an important transportation hub for wool produced by sheep ranchers throughout central and eastern Oregon. By 1903 it was known as “The Wool Capital of the World.” But times changed, and as other transportation routes opened up, Shaniko’s fortunes began to decline. Its once-important role in the wool trade finally ended with the closure of the railway in 1942.

  • Chapter 01 : A Timeless Song
  • Chapter 02 : Taciturn Pride
  • Chapter 03 : A Cowboy’s Armor
  • Chapter 04 : Living Together


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